our story



This is us Viks and Sylwia...two working mamas living next door to each other in Bristol with a brood of cubs. Both on a bout of mat leave, we realised, that despite our hardest searching, we could not find a pair of baby booties (or moccs or trainers...trust us we tried them all!) that were easy to put on, stayed on AND looked cool on the wriggly feet of our little cubs...so we set about creating our own.   


Our aim was to design pre-walker footwear for our little babes that was super luxe, super stylish, super functional and super affordable.​


why cub club

Our signature Cub Club print is hand designed by us in Bristol, printed with non toxic ink on 100%  GOTS certified organic cotton. Each bootie is double layered, meaning there is no need for a sock, and all our booties feature a unique drawstring.   

This is the game changer!  The Cub Club bootie will not budge. It is super easy to pop on, simply adjust the drawstring for a snug fit, and there it stays.   

We know bare feet is best, which is why  our booties are specially designed with plenty of room for tiny toes to wriggle and breathe, they are the perfect bootie for newbies through to pre-walkers.